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  1. steviesparks

    steviesparks Guest

    Just had a quote for PAT testing indemnity insurance, been quoted £1000 for 100k worth of insurance, thought thats abit steep, don't think I'll bother, has anyone else PAT testing bothered with indemnity insurance?
  2. acat

    acat Guest

    Ditto I have public liability to cover electrician/pat tester. No other cover.

  3. steviesparks

    steviesparks Guest

    Hi Guys

    I was told at collage that it's recommended you have 'indemnity insurance' as well as public liability, the indemnity is for if you are sued for negligence or someone is killed, but a quick check on pat testers web sites reveals they only have public insurance. I'm not surprised as the cost is not worth the profit for electricians doing small amounts of pat testing.
  4. chris558855

    chris558855 Guest

    indemnity is for if you are sued for negligence or someone is killed - surly that's what public liability cover gives you?? £100,000 wouldn't go far if you killed someone.
  5. steviesparks

    steviesparks Guest

    Well for a million quids worth I was quoted £2,600. To be honest Chris I only wanted to know if other pat testing sparkies had it, and now I know. Indemnity insurance is normally for solicitors, doctors so I was surprised when told Its good to have pat testing, apparently you need it for periodic inspection as well. I've got my elecsa assessment in early February so I'll ask the assessor about indemnity insurance then as he's been in the business for donkey years.
  6. rodney12

    rodney12 Electrician's Arms

    i've got Indemnity insurnce as well as PL, only cost me an extra £60 a year
  7. steviesparks

    steviesparks Guest

    Thats cheap, could you let us know who you are insured with? Thanks.
  8. Liberator

    Liberator Guest

    Hiya Stevie,

    I've been PAT testing for 7 years, and followed suit of one of the largest PAT testing companies around by not having indemnity insurance.

    I have public liability to £5-million and my tool cover only.

    With regards to indemnity I have looked at having it in the past, but never bothered.

    If you're confident in your PAT testing, and keep records and logs of all appliances/leads tested for a minimum 6 years and follow the advice and guidelines provided you should be fine. Should you end up in court you have proof that upon last testing and inspection you left the property safe and sound.

    Once you leave a premises, there is no guarantee that an appliance will become immediately damaged by a user and you are not responsible for this unless your customer was using an appliance in an unsafe manner or environment and you could have warned them, advised them not too. (E.g. using a standard 4-Gang extension outdoors for a jet-washer to clean cars) Obviously this appliance (the 4G) is not suited for its environment.

    £5-million PL and £1500.00 tool cover costs me about £180-£200 a year.

    ~Liberator :)
  9. rocker

    rocker Guest

    I have indemnity insurance for PIRs so use that for PATs as well. 1000 for 100 grand is massively expensive... I'm on my first year of such insurance and it cost me 190 for 250 grand's worth. I don't know about PATing but you definitely need it for PIRing, and as you are giving 'professional advice', then I would say that technically say you should have it, but as liberator says, as long as you're doing it propery and not just stickering everything, there is no way anyone could prove anything to the contrary.
    There's a garage near me who did an MOT on a car, said it was fine, the car drove out of the garage, the brakes failed and it crashed into the adjacent wall. The garage said 'it was fine when we tested it' and no more action was taken. Bizarre, no?
  10. rocker

    rocker Guest

    Hahahahahhaa! What?!
  11. grantr37

    grantr37 Trusted Advisor

    In terms of vehicle insurance, you need to watch out, I have heard that if you have a family car or a van and it is insured for personal and commuting use, and you go out doing PAT testing, if the Police pull you over and say "what brings you away out here????" and by the way are those your tools in the back? as we've had some stolen in this area recently........ Er officer I'm here with work just going about my travel .....(runs vehicle check again to confirm ANPR info from computer) eh??? yes officer........step out of the car, you are not insured for work with this vehicle......(6 points, 500 pound fine, producer request....insurer cancels remaining insurance and puts a black mark against you and vehicle- knackered)....need proper insurance
  12. j0nno

    j0nno Guest

    hi there, my first posthere and hopefully correct, in regards to public liability insurance, if you drop a tool and damage the bath / sink, you will not be covered, as insurers class this as accidental damage. public liabilbility in my understanding is for work you've done to the house, which then causes a problem later, damaged done to property whilst undertaking work is covered by a different insurance.
  13. billmicheals

    billmicheals EF Member

    yes very true...

    - - - Updated - - -

    home owners own insurance ???
  14. Dan

    Dan I'm not a sparky but I know a couple ;-) Staff Member

    Public Liability - - New public liability insurance page. We've partnered with an insurance comparison firm who can customise your quotes. We're using the buying power off the forum as a collective to get the best prices for you. Please make sure you use this when you next need public liability insurance. :)

    Might be worth you getting a quote now, to see if it compares to your existing one?

    Public Liability -
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