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Discuss PLC Courses in South East any recommendations ? in the Electrical Courses & Electrical NVQ's area at

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  1. AJshep

    AJshep Electrician's Arms

    South East, England
    Business Name:
    Andrew Shepherd Electrics
    For a while now I've been interested in PLCs (installing and programming) and I've had quite a few instances where they would have come in useful. Unfortunately trying to get any information anywhere is like getting blood from a stone, it seems to be a guarded secret !

    I've done a fair bit of research, and have installed various Loxone systems which is a PLC but the trouble is these systems are aimed at the smart home industry they have their own simplified programming tool, and a built-in GUI but the cost of these are considerably more.

    I understand most PLC have their own courses but has anyone gone on any training courses ? or even if anyone could offer any advise it would be appreciated, im in the South East but if I have to travel then so be it.
    Thanks In advance !

    And sorry about my spelling and grammer.
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  2. Spud28

    Spud28 Active EF Member

    Opensoft systems run training courses but tbh if your not programming/ faultfinding regularly it is easy to spend money only to forget what you've learned. Speak to them is best, courses aren't cheap but I learned a lot (And consequently forgot) but they do give you information to take with you if you wanted to refresh.
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