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  1. Kelrich

    Kelrich Regular EF Member

    county durham
    Alright lads
    got an opportunity to price up a kitchen rewire and could do with a few tips please, how is best to calculate i,e price per point or hourly rate its all plain white accessories has 4 double sockets 1 single 2 fused spurs plus a cooker point this is what i have been told am yet to see the job,
    also being a kitchen rewire would i have to consider the possibility of having to upgrade cu and bonding any help on pricing would be appriciated thanks
  2. sythai

    sythai Electrician's Arms

    Possibly, that's the first thing that should be at the the top of your survey check list - RCD protection & bonding.

    Personally I always price kitchens per point and works out a lot better. Only time this isn't so good is if there is a requirement for a new cooker circuit then I'd make an extra allowance for this.

    Make sure you know who's doing the making good, cutting hole out for hood. Add that to your price also if its down to you.
  3. Murdoch

    Murdoch Regular EF Member

    The biggest issue you may face, once you've got the jo,b will be getting onsite and/or working around other trades.
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  4. JASON

    JASON Electrician's Arms

    Button Pressing
    Kitchen refurbs are my pet hate.

    Absolute pain in the backside.
  5. Kiers1970

    Kiers1970 Regular EF Member

    Yes agreed, coming and going, getting underneath other trades feet, questions like, can we have some temp lighting for the plasterer...Sorry, didn't realise I had to carry portable lighting for them, trying to get accessory boxes level all the way round on crap brick work.. install price completely different than the kitchen firms estimate.. Oh I thought you were supplying 10 chrome finished sockets and switches... Could go on.
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  6. Dave 85

    Dave 85 Guest

    I actually enjoy doing kitchens, which is good because I do a lot. As it happens I am just about to do a quote for a kitchen right now. If I were you, I'd go look at the job before you price anything to check C/U, bonding, ring cont etc
    The quote Im about to do will be something along these lines:

    Install new 30A circuit and isolator for hob-£120
    Install 4 new double sockets-£200
    Install Spur for and connect oven-£70
    Install 4 new downlighters-£200
    Install 3 RCBO's to protect relevant circuits-£120

    This price does not include any chrome faceplates on sockets/switches
    For chrome plate, £10 extra per point

    Making good to be carried out by others

    Any extra points installed to be charged at similar rates

    This is an estimate only and may change due to unforeseen circumstances or variations
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