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  1. dss456

    dss456 New EF Member

    Dear all
    3 months ago I had professionally (fully acredited) instalation of 10 sanyo ht n240se10 PV panels on my roof. they feed into a Sunnyboy 2000hf inverter. From the very begining the output from the inverter has been very poor. When the electrician contacted SMA they took all the output figures + agreed with him that the power from the panels was fine. They said that it must be a faulty inverter. After waiting to get a replacement a new sunnyboy (same model) was fitted 3 weeks ago. Still the power generated has never gone above 750w (+that v briefly) and the total generated in almost 4 weeks is 29kwh (about 1/3 what I believe I should be getting) at this time of year given my annual estimate of 2160 kwh. The electrician says he is foxed + the desiegner says he has rechecked all the spec + there should be no problem-whilst obviously it is their problem to short out has anyone come across this before?
    other figures on my cert are voc 327.2v + isc 1.4A
  2. JohnBoyZ

    JohnBoyZ Regular EF Member

    I'm not saying this is the problem but Sanyo+HF Compatibility issues have been covered a while ago in a previous thread
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2012
  3. whinmoor

    whinmoor Electrician's Arms

    Wakefield/Leeds, West Yorkshire
    Business Name:
    Medoria Solar
    Consider a different brand of inverter. Fronius or Power One may be the way forward.
  4. BruceB

    BruceB Electrician's Arms

    Or update the firmware in the inverter to have optitrac global peak running.
  5. liquidity

    liquidity Regular EF Member

    Just to get the complete picture - what is the orientation of the panels, any shading and how many strings?
  6. Nutmeg2

    Nutmeg2 Guest

    I have a similar installation and have definitely had generation of well over 1000 W over the middle of the day on sunny days. My panels face almost due West. I live on west side of London.
  7. dss456

    dss456 New EF Member

    orientation south 1 string no significant shading
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