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PV newbie

Discussion in 'Solar PV Forum' started by Plonker 3, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Plonker 3

    Plonker 3 Guest

    Just had a call from someone offering me work fitting PV panels around the north midlands and south Yorkshire.

    I know absolutely nothing about the business and what sort of install work is involved., says I will be paid £250 per job and getting 2 jobs per day.

    I said I would call him back this afternoon with a answer, so is this reasonable or is it too good to be true and someone looking at getting free labour and doing a runner when work is complete.
  2. Earthstore

    Earthstore Guest

    "2 jobs per day".. hell I would like to see their quality of install.

    As to whether you would get paid, only you can work that one out.
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  3. Plonker 3

    Plonker 3 Guest

    That's my suspicion, he was a good talker so was a little sceptical to be honest. What exactly is involved he mentioned something about cut off date of the 2nd of March and wanted a start A.S.A.P. Does this date mean anything or is trying to pull a fast one?
  4. Earthstore

    Earthstore Guest

    The 3rd of March is a date set by Government as to when people may get the Feed in tariff for Solar PV at the high rate OF 43.3p ( this depends on lots of court cases) however systems fitted after that date will only get 21p per unit generated,
    Your offer may be genuine, this man may well have lots of work, and may well pay you for your efforts.
    Will you be working with an experienced team, or is he planning to send you out on your own?
  5. babba

    babba Regular EF Member

    Are you a roofer ??. two jobs a day..??? and yes there is a cut off until 3 March ask him to pay you daily. If your not busy give it a go.
  6. Plonker 3

    Plonker 3 Guest

    He didnt say, a little reserach on the web say he is a builder, got my number off Gumtree. What exactly is involved and does the amount being paid sound about right?
  7. Plonker 3

    Plonker 3 Guest

    No a sparks, he says his normal one is busy.
  8. Earthstore

    Earthstore Guest

    Installing a PV system is somewhat different to what you have done before, once you understand it, most installs are quite straight forward, however, there are so many grey areas, do you earth the array?if so to where? do you share an MCB? what are all the tests involved? and so the list goes on.
    Remember, you will be responsible for the electrics under your Part P.
  9. Plonker 3

    Plonker 3 Guest

    As I understand it I have to be part P for PV panels don't I, which I am not at the minute, but was told payment would be made once the panels had been tested which would be being done by another company called First Solar.

    Is it as straight forward as fitting invertors in the loft and a cable down to the DB? If so does the job need surveying first to find out exactly what is involved IE bonding upgrade etc.
  10. yellowvanman

    yellowvanman Electrician's Arms

    Don't need to be Part P for the PV panel work, but testing needs to be done by someone with a little knowledge.

    Ac work - new circuit required - feeding an isolator then to a meter then maybe to another isolator (if inverter is remote from CU), then to inverter. Needs to be tested and certified (thro Part P). Schematic needs to be created.
  11. moggy1968

    moggy1968 Electrician's Arms

    2 a day is possible if they are straightforward and you are VERY experienced.
    You are required, by law, to be able to prove you are competent to undertake the work you are doing, that has nothing to do with Part P.
    Can you prove, to a legal standard, that you are competent to undertake the work. It sounds as though you have no qualifications, experience, or training in PV so the answer would be, no you aren't. Apart from the legal aspect of that it will also invalidate your insurance.

    For example
    Do you know what size cable should be used on the AC side for a 16 amp PV system running to 20 metres?
    Do you know what the requirements are for RCD protection and how you would meet those requirements?
    Do you know the legal requirement for the labelling of PV circuits?
    Do you know which way round to wire the meter (the mosy common newbie mistake)?
    Do you know the specific risks associated with high voltage DC cabling (upto 600v)
    Do you have the correct tools to do the job? An MC4 crimping tool, the correct DC cable stripping tool, AC and DC testing equipment, light meter?

    It is absolutely NOT a case of 'give it a go' If you don't know what your doing leave it alone until you do
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2012
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