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PV panels

Discussion in 'Solar PV Forum' started by saint, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. saint

    saint Regular EF Member

    West Sussex
    Hi all. My first post.

    I have recently done my C&G 2372 and now looking into an MCS scheme and getting a job ready for my assessment. To be honest the 2372 course was average at best and i am lacking a knowledge (although i'm soon to subcontract to a pv installer so invaluable experience)

    Searching the web there seems to be loads of different panels for sale. What makes and models do you experienced installers use?

    Thanks in advance
  2. amigo

    amigo Guest

    Hi saint,
    the model of panels depends on how many sun hours you get round the year.Once the solar survey is done you can chose from monoSi,polySi,thin film or hybrid.There are many more to list,but these are the most common used types.
    For example,a good monoSi is Sunpower (USA) and Trina Solar(China).A good polySi is REC solar(Norway) and Kyosera solar(Japan).A good thin film - Kaneka(Japan).A good hybrid is Sanyo(Japan).Again there ate many more to list.
    The makes I listed are proven ones.
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  3. mmccx

    mmccx Regular EF Member

    sharp - monocrystalline and romag - polycrystalline to add to that list to
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