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Discuss Pyronix Enforcer wireless low battery message in the Security Alarms, Door Entry and CCTV (Public) area at

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  1. Rajen

    Rajen Raj


    I have a Pyronix Enforcer v9.13 panel. Recently, the panel has been making random alerts (when the system is unarmed) that the bell box battery is low. A few hours later in the logs, there is also a message stating that the 'wireless battery restore' - when no change has actually been made.

    If I run diagnostics, it states the battery is 'good'.

    I have attached screenshots of panel messages showing the battery level and signal strength are all good/excellent. Before I call someone out to change the battery, could it be possible that the actual bell box PCB circuit has become faulty because of this ' battery restored' message.








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  2. SparkyChick

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    Batteries rely on chemical reactions to produce power. At 3:50am, it's likely the battery has gotten cold (the chemical reaction is slowed due to a reduction in temperature) and is no longer producing sufficient power to be classed as good. At 9:25am, it's possibly warmed up enough to then be considered good.

    I would advise having the battery changed.
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  3. Rajen

    Rajen Raj

    Sounds like a very plausible explanation! Thanks
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