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  1. Newsome3

    Newsome3 Electrician's Arms


    im doing some work for a builder at present and hes just come back to me today when ive completed my2nd fix and said he needs 2smoke alarms fitting and a heat alarm all interlinked

    as its all plastered i said to get radio link ones but he nearly cryed when i said to him it was going to be £200 in materials then labour ontop

    he said hes seen some 9v battery powered radio linked ones before
    just seeing if anyoes seen them, used them before

  2. accordfire

    accordfire Guest

    Building Regs stipulate mains powered smoke detectors.

    Radio interlink is fine, but primary power to each detector is required to be mains supply.

    Why is it these people always want someone else to bale them out free of charge when they cock it up?

    It's time people learned the cost is the cost, and things DO cost money.

    FWIW, £200 in materials is highly reasonable, and should attract an installed price of that, plus your mark up plus around two hours labour (and the cost of a cert). I would be estimating £110 -£120 a detector fitted.

    Sorry, I'm just really, really hacked off with customers thinking everything should be free or peanuts, meanwhile suppliers are putting up prices AND pressure, and us in the middle are getting squeezed tighter than a pair of nads in a g string.

    I'm of the opinion tonight, as far as customers and prices go, "if you don't like it, go find a cowboy who will - then come back when it all goes Pete Tong".
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  3. chiplard

    chiplard Guest

    On a refurbed dwelling you must install Mains Powered battery back up alarms.

    For RF ones they are expensive, best i could find was on the Gil-lec site at £69 each
  4. chiplard

    chiplard Guest

    Beaten to it by the man who knows!!!!
  5. white armour

    white armour Guest

    Mains powered & battery backup yes, radio interlink I think is acceptable, pick feed from nearest light fitting. Saw some good ones at Coventry Elex last year, cannot remember make though.

    Regards wa
  6. white armour

    white armour Guest

    AICO 2100 series, are the ones I think.

    Regards wa
  7. ACDC

    ACDC Guest

    Anyone know the range of these wireless systems? and what are they like when the dwelling has thick walls (thick stone type found in old pubs)
  8. sjm

    sjm Guest

    Try phoning AICO 0870 758 4000.
    I think they also sell repeater units to help transmit the signal over longer distances
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