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Discuss RCD protection on spotlights in the Electrical Wiring, Theories and Regulations area at

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  1. aaelectric

    aaelectric Regular EF Member

    Went to see a small job of changing the big spotlights to 12v spotlight the current fuse board is 3036 rewrireable fuses. All bonding in place. We will have to fill the existing holes and cut new ones and maybe add a little cable for extra spotlights. Do you think RCD protection is really nessesary as its unlikely some one will stick a screw in ceiling.if disconnection times are met, Also existing circuit is not RCD protected.
  2. rich.250

    rich.250 Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    Rich Williams Electrical
    Any alterations or additions have to comply with Bs7671.
    I would say that this means the circuit worked on would need to comply with the current edition.
  3. nickblake

    nickblake Electrician's Arms

    But they may well stick a screw in the cable for the light switch plus as rich said
  4. mickys86

    mickys86 Electrician's Arms

    As you are modifying the circuit you are taking responsibility for the whole circuit. Has to travel in a wall somewhere. Could you get an RCBO for the current board?
  5. londonlec

    londonlec Regular EF Member

    I dont see why RCD protection is required personally.
  6. aaelectric

    aaelectric Regular EF Member

    Current fuse box is 3036 no RCBO will fit personally its takin jobs away from us as the will get the handyman in who will do it without even thinking about rcds.,but as a professional regs are the regs your opinion does count
  7. jpm646

    jpm646 Guest

    Y not add an rcd spur with a 5 amp
    Fuse by the CU, rcd protection and less cost?
  8. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Guest

    COULD be......
    In a bathroom
    Buried at less than 50mm in the wall without mechanical protection. Installed outside.
    Poor TT setup??

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  9. EastAnglian

    EastAnglian Electrician's Arms

    It doesn't really matter what we think .... the regulations require it.
  10. mickys86

    mickys86 Electrician's Arms

    I need to read the question properly!!!! D'oh!

    RCD fuse spur is a good idea!
  11. Archy Styrigg

    Archy Styrigg Electrician's Arms

    Shoot me down in flames for this respones...
    I appreciate all the replies so far, but my understanding of the OP is that he's just replacing accessories in virtually the same place, no circuit mods/alts, so he shouldn't have to add additional protection.
    I mean you wouldn't install an RCD if you were replacing a damaged socket outlet, for example...would you?
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  12. spinlondon

    spinlondon Forum Mentor

    Harlow Essex
    It is only the work you are conducting that must comply with the Regulations.
    There is no requirement for you to upgrade any of the existing installation.
    If you are installing or altering cables that are concealed in walls, then those cables will require additional protection (not neccessarily by means of a 30mA RCD).
    If you are not, then no there is no requirement for you to provide 30mA RCD protection.
    If the work is in a location containg a bath or shower, then yes you will have to provide 30mA RCD protection, and it should protect the whole circuit.
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