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  1. Princesolar

    Princesolar EF Member

    Dear all

    Please see attached a letter regarding the recent updates to MIS 3002 Solar PV standard.

    The Letter also includes an update about the recent Fraud investigations that have been conducted by MCS

    Dear allPLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT US USE THE MCS HELPDESK, DETAILSLISTED IN THE EMAILI am writing to inform you of an update to the MCS Installer Standards, and also of the work being doneto ensure compliance – particularly in these busy times caused by changes to the Government’s Feed-inTariff scheme.MIS 3002, the solar PV installation standard, has been updated to make even clearer that creating anMCS certificate before the system has been fully installed and commissioned is contrary to MCS rules,and will therefore make you liable to an investigation by your Certification Body.MIS 3002 v2.1 has now been published on the MCS website at the link below:​
    Please pay particular attention to Section 6: Handover Requirements.MCS takes very seriously its role in protecting the integrity of the FIT Scheme. To that end, we havebeen working closely with the Certification Bodies, Ofgem, REAL Assurance, and others to ensure allsuspicious activity is fully investigated. By analysing trends in installation company activity levels, aswell as acting on tip-offs received, MCS has been able to conduct targeted inspections of severalthousand installations to ensure that the work was completed, as claimed, before 12​
    th December.Where fraudulent activity has been identified, the customer is losing out on the higher rate of FIT andthe installation company is being audited by their Certification Body. The outcome could not only seeinstallation companies lose their MCS certification, but we will also where appropriate refer such casesof fraud to the authorities for prosecution.This exercise will continue in the run-up to and the weeks following the 3rd March deadline.If you receive information regarding potential fraudulent MCS certificates please do not hesitate tocontact the MCS Helpdesk to report these.Please do not reply to this email as this mailbox is not manned.Kind regards
    Brendan McGarry | Environment Operations Manager
  2. whinmoor

    whinmoor Electrician's Arms

    Wakefield/Leeds, West Yorkshire
    Business Name:
    Medoria Solar
    Wonder how hard they will crack down on companies which cheated the 12th December deadline. I suspect it's pretty difficult to prove and everything will be quietly swept under the carpet. If customers lose out on higher FiT rates, they will kick up a fuss which will further damage the reputation of the industry. No doubt the offenders, who probably installed systems of dubious quality, won't be around to be sued anyway
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