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  1. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

    I recently bought one of these as my other standard Rems is poorly sick, (not really surprised considering the abuse it's had).

    Was a bit sceptical at first due to the size of it and apparent lack of a handle but having used now for the last 2 days on both 20 & 25mm galv, I have to say I'm quite impressed with it.

    The bigger one is a little easier to use as there is more of it to grab hold of, but even the initial 'bite' is minimal on the mini.

    All in all, I'd recommend both but, if cost is an issue don't be put off by going for the mini as it is a good machine & easier to carry around & store as it comes in a small zippable carry bag as opposed to a big metal box.

    Shown in the pic is the pipe clamp that comes with it, only used it a couple of times when threading close to a box/set etc.


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