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Discuss Robin apologue MM cal/repair? in the Electrical Tools and Products area at

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  1. itstony

    itstony EF Member

    My old trusted Robin OM70 MM has developed a fault.
    Reading AC&DC v the needle is going across to max on any test. other functions are working.
    I spend less time in the UK need to line this up on my next visit in advance of for a service place and unable to find anything online, any help would be appreciate.
    I do have a Fluke digital, but that does not cover things an analogue is needed for, plus its sentimental too.
  2. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

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  3. itstony

    itstony EF Member

    ThanK's for that link, its very local to where I used to live, I will contact them Monday.
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