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  1. Earthstore

    Earthstore Guest

    I sell Renewable Energy systems local to where I live Oxfordshire, and I strive to give the customer the best service possible, having been let down recently, and having to turn down jobs has been frustrating, especially when I have seen the alternative that one of them has chosen (panels were fitted on a shaded part of the roof). I despair at the poor quality installs that I have seen fitted, and some practices that have been used, which border on dangerous.

    I have a good knowledge of PV systems, and have several installs completed, including a 34KWP, and several domestics, all generated by my own leads.

    I am not planning to sell hundreds of systems, as I would rather have one good install, than 10 bad ones.

    If you strive for quality, and have a good knowledge of PV, (not just buy a kit and bolt it to the roof), and would be interested in installing in Oxfordshire then please PM me, or contact me on [email protected]
  2. Earthstore

    Earthstore Guest

    Thought I best bring this back to the top.
    All that I am looking for is a quality company, who, in affect I act as an agent for.
    My installs are all nice, clean jobs, and I have been conducting full site surveys.
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