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Discuss Scantronic tags restricted number range in the Security Alarms, Door Entry and CCTV (Public) area at

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  1. Mithrass

    Mithrass New EF Member

    Hi Folks,
    After some experimenting I have concluded that the Scantronic control panel has a limited range of tag numbers that it will accept. I have dozens of tags, all of which respond normally to an RFID reader, and some of which were specified as compatible with Scantronic panels. But only a few of them are recognised by the panel. The others do not even cause a beep and cannot be registered to a user.
    The ones that work all have numbers beginning with 0000. the others begin with 000x where x is any number not zero.
    Does anyone have any information about the compatible range of tag numbers? Or am I just doing something wrong?
    The system is a Scantronic 9752 with a 9651 panel.
    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Matthewd29

    Matthewd29 Regular EF Member

    How many have you programmed in? I presume you have set a different user for each tag as you cannot assign 2 tags to 1 user
  3. Retrosparks

    Retrosparks EF Member

    Never had this problem before, if they are not official Scantronic tags then they well be in the wrong format to operate the reader.
  4. Mithrass

    Mithrass New EF Member

    Thanks for your responses, guys.
    The tags that came with the panel programmed in with no problem. Another tag from an outside gate access control also went in ok. All of these had the leading four zeroes in the content. All of the other tags I have failed. Perhaps by coincidence they did not have the leading four zeroes.
    How do you tell if a tag is an official Scantronic one? They all look alike and if they are sold as that you have to believe it.
    The format is simple. It's just a ten digit decimal number followed by a carriage return. You can read it easily with an RFID reader (and it's written on the outside of the tag).
    I think the possibilities are a) Scantronic tag readers have a restricted range of numbers that they respond to, so any number outside that range is completely ignored; and b) the original installer somehow placed a restriction on the numbers that could be used. I can't find any command to do that in the manual.
    I hoped that someone on the forum might have authoritative information from the manufacturers, or at least have experience of registering tags outside that number range.

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