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  1. FatallyFlawed

    FatallyFlawed Electrician's Arms

    I am interested to hear about any scorched sockets you have come across in situations where "safety socket covers" are in use.

    For some time FatallyFlawed has been warning that socket covers (which frequently have oversize pins to make them harder to get out) can cause permanent damage to socket contacts. A strained contact can result in poor performance, and possible arcing.

    We have started to hear from electricians about situations where they have needed to replace failed or damaged sockets as a result of long term use of socket covers.

    If you have any experience of this issue please respond to this thread, or contact us directly by email.

    Many thanks for your help.:seeya::seeya:
  2. Knobhead

    Knobhead Guest

    Keep up the good work FF. Some of us do appreciate it.
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  3. FatallyFlawed

    FatallyFlawed Electrician's Arms

    Thanks Tony! Appreciation always welcome, but the more evidence that can be assembled the better.
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