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  1. Mitch6278

    Mitch6278 Active EF Member

    Hey does anyone know of any god security cameras that operate of batteries? i need it putting up ASAP and dont have a power source in at the minute.
    Any other information regarding recording, HD, etc etc is welcome. thanks guys!
  2. tazz

    tazz Forum Mentor

    This will be down to your budget, normal analogue cameras will give between 300-800 tvls and are ok for general use, HD will give the best quality and pick out more detail for evidence. Battery power is really a no go solution...Cameras can be powered down dual coax and power cables, making runs easier over a max of 100m
  3. amlu

    amlu Electrician's Arms

    wild east london
    analog cameras are mostly powered by 12v dc, power consumption 200mA average...
    if you go wired option you can run 12v to it too.
    wireless ones take 5v dc.
  4. Tidy Max

    Tidy Max Regular EF Member

    Is it safe to assume something has happened overnight so you need a solution today?
    Battery operated is pretty much a no go. As mentioned wired cams are what you need. HOWEVER,
    do you have a security light or any external lighting? I sometimes recommend getting the security lights with built in camera. They take SD cards up to 64gb and can be set to just take photos or record video clips.

    Another option if you have a PC, Laptop, Tablet or even Smart Phone is it install motion sensing software (its available freely) and utilise the built in camera (or go buy a decent webcam) then leave the camera running in the window?

    I hope you get sorted either way matey.
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