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  1. SparkyDips

    SparkyDips Regular EF Member

    ok guys page 202 in BGB illustration (c), if there was a fixed shower head close to the 2.25m zone limit whats the score with a recessed ceiling light? how close can you have the shower head to luminaire?

    only ask as i saw this round a friends house recently.

  2. Andy78

    Andy78 Respected Member

    Kingston upon Hull
    Zone 1 is up to 2.25m above FFL or the highest point of a fixed shower head, whichever is highest as I understand it. Anything above this is classed as outside all zones and should be treated as such.
    But what would you want above your shower ? I'd want an IP65 fiting myself.
    If it's that close to the shower head that you are classing it as electrical equipment directly exposed to water jets, then it has to be IPX5 minimum.
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  3. SparkyDips

    SparkyDips Regular EF Member

    correct its out of zones but was thinking it definatly needs to be along the lines of IPX5 as it's fairly close. will try and get more info when i go back, told him i want to investigate it out of interest!!
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