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  1. Victor

    Victor Electrician's Arms

    Hi Guys

    Hope someone out there can help.....Please

    I have a friend in the Southend/Canvey Island area who has done his own wiring, but now needs someone to sign it off for him. Is this something that one of you could assist with.

    Thanks in advance and any assistance gratefully appreicated.
  2. supasparxs

    supasparxs Electrician's Arms

    Leigh, Lancashire
    personally I would not sign off someone elses work
    I do not know the quality of the completed work, and I would not like to be liable for there installation.
    I would carryout a PIR (or whatever they call it now) I would not notify the works under Part P as I would not have carried out the works.
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  3. Welchyboy

    Welchyboy Guest

    Is he a qualified electrician or a DIY enthusiast?

    What work has he been undertaking
  4. Victor

    Victor Electrician's Arms

    He is not a qualified electrician, which is why he needs it signed off.

    The job is a complete installation on an extension of his house. he has notified building control that he was doing the wiring and they put him in touch with a company that has/had a contract with them to get the job inspected/signed off. However just before the job was finished, the company has now gone broke and he is in limbo land, the council have told him to find someone else, which is why I am asking on his behalf.

    If push came to shove, what would I need to be able to come over and sign it off myself?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. tony mc

    tony mc Electrician's Arms

    I think you will find that a EICR is the way forward and I would speak to the building control to see if they are happy with this.

    The problem he has is that the work will not be part P compliant so he may encounter problems if he sells the house.

    As for issuing/signing a EIC for a install you have nothing to do with is frought with danger as the person signing it takes full reponsibility for anything that was to occur in the future!
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