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  1. TrickyDicky101

    TrickyDicky101 Guest

    Hi All

    Due to space issues, i need small panels on my roof to maximise kWP. The Sanyo N235 and N240 are obvious candidates due to their relatively small sizings but reasonable peak output. Are there any other similarly sized panels out there? Most of the installers I have seen use panels of c. 1.7m X 1m which are simply too large to give me a reasonable system size.


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  2. hopkins85

    hopkins85 Guest

    Sharp nu185

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  3. zapthis

    zapthis Guest

    what about these ones

    Suntech 280w, Bosch Si 195w, Schott Perform Mono 195w,Schott Poly Perform 240w or Romag 6/48P 190w
    all these can be put on Portrait syle or landscape style i think
  4. SolarCity

    SolarCity Electrician's Arms

    The Suntech 280s are huge!

    Anyway, there are plenty of panels which are as small as the Sanyo range but you can expect to lose approximately 50w per panel for a similar physical size panel - if you're tight on space then Sanyo is a no brainer really.
  5. northernsun

    northernsun Guest

    There a a number of shorter panels available around the 180-90w. Romag, sharp and yingli do a module that is 1.3 x 1m approx. These have been useful to me in getting 2 rows on a short roof before- There is probably a few more of the same dimensions. There are smaller 140ish modules that are around .7 x 1.5m and I think kioto do a 210w that is 1m x 1.5m (ish)- if it is just trying to get the most in a small space then the Sanyo's are a good bet, but yeah, sometimes the actual dimensions of the module can help. Whats the size/layout of the roof?
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  6. TrickyDicky101

    TrickyDicky101 Guest

    Usable roof area is approximately 2.90m X 8.3m (this is bottom of dormer window to edge of roof X Eastern to Western edge of roof).

    Based on size and power constraints I cannot find anything to match the Sanyos as Biggs said above.
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