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Discuss smart meter registering reactive power in the Solar PV Forum area at

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  1. germ

    germ Active EF Member

    Hi there,
    had a look through the other threads and couldn't find no answers.

    So, here's the problem:
    Fitted 20kwp with tripower1700 back in December.
    Meter started turning backwards.
    BG installed smart meter in Jan.(EDMI MK10D)
    Had a look at the meter and noticed the Amps it's recording on each phase despite me not using much.
    I decided to pull the fuses in order to disconnect all the consumers and left only the Tripower which wasn't generating on the grid.(late afternoon and overcast/display showed 0)
    Result: 1Amp per phase (1A x 250V x 3Ph =0.75Kwh)
    When I disconnected the Tripower from the grid the smart meter went down to zero!
    I assume that if the meter is showing 1A per phase that it will be adding it to my total reading.
    Has someone else come across this?
    BG did reprogram the meter to include export, but it has not changed anything on my test results.
    They say that they have never heard of this.
    SMA in Germany are saying that they are experiencing a lot of problems with smart meters in Germany in regards with reactive power.
    (I assume this might have to do with 3-phase, which is the common supply over there)
    But they have not heard of the EDMI meter as G4S installed in my property.
    Looking forward to receiving your responses!
    Good day
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  2. germ

    germ Active EF Member

    I can't believe that there's nobody out there who's experienced a similar situation.
    Or is it that just nobody has bothered checking their meters yet?
    Anybody out there?????
  3. sharpener

    sharpener Regular EF Member

    The 1A per phase is only a problem if the meter is recording it as a true power flow in kWh. Does it in fact show on the kWh register?

    If not then the meter is seeing the current as reactive, the power is measured in kVAr and you are not having to pay for it so there isn't a problem.
  4. germ

    germ Active EF Member

    thanks for your reply.
    How do I know whether it is recording it or not?
    I've been told that the meter will only record consumption above 1kwh, that's why the test I carried out by switching everything off for an hour and just leaving the PV connected is inconclusive, the meter won't register because it's below 1kwh.
    German SMA say that they have a lot of problems with smart meters over in Germany recording Reactive power and best is to have an old fashioned analogue meter fitted.
  5. sharpener

    sharpener Regular EF Member

    I'm not familiar with this specific meter but if it doesn't have a 0.1 kWh digit on the display (like e.g the common Elster single-phase meter) then you will just have to disconnect everything else for 4 to 5 hours and then (provided the 1A reading is accurate) you will be able to see if it clocks up 1 kWh or not.

    I don't imagine BG will want to re-instate an analogue meter but you could ask.

    You could also find out if the new meter can be programmed to measure/show reactive power separately (if it does not appear in one of the registers already) which might improve your confidence in the readings.

    Digital meters are all supposed to comply with the specs including not confusing real and reactive power so I can't immediately see why SMA should be encountering widespread problems, unless the Tripower draws a particularly unpleasant-looking current waveform which is bad enough to confuse the meter, in which case I would say it is not fit for purpose and SMA should take them back(!).
  6. germ

    germ Active EF Member

    You got it,
    it's exactly about confidence. The meter is not telling me anything and confusing me with it's readings which lead me to believe that I might be charged for it.
    Problem is BG doesn't know anything about the meters and G4S who fitted the meter only talks to BG. That doesn't make it any easier!
  7. SibertSolar

    SibertSolar Solar Guru

    Business Name:
    Sibert Solar
  8. germ

    germ Active EF Member

    many thanks for the link.
    In the meantime I've called G4S once more and managed to get through to someone who's been very helpful and looked into this for me.
    He's come back and explained the readings to me. It's got a small arrow in the display which shows whether I'm exporting or importing.
    I'll have a look later on when the PV's stopped producing, whether theres still some Amps showing and whether it's import or export.
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