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  1. Captain Haddock

    Captain Haddock EF Member

    Does anyone know if the smart meters due to be rolled out across UK will meter exported power from PV as well as imported power or will they just be guessing at 50% export still?
  2. TedM

    TedM Electrician's Arms

    There is no UK standard for SmartMeters set yet. Lots of SMs rolled out cannot handle reverse energy. More madness.
  3. SibertSolar

    SibertSolar Solar Guru

    Business Name:
    Sibert Solar
    Nearly all of the Smart meters we offer are pre-configured to register reverse energy as standard. Elster AS230M, Iskra ME372, L&G E470 for single-phase and Iskra MT375 for poly-phase. There have been some short-sighted decisions by various energy providers in the recent past when implementing Smart metering roll-outs with some of the meters they have issued being uni-directional (import/generation only) which, as Ted said above, is complete madness....
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