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Discuss Socket and FCU spurred from ring.. in the Electrical Wiring, Theories and Regulations area at

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  1. whazza22

    whazza22 Regular EF Member

    Hi all

    I am changing a consumer unit and noticed that a FCU for the boiler and a double socket have been spurred from the same socket.

    As its was previously installed by someone else, do I record it as a recommendation?

    Not too keen on leaving it, although its been there years. Just more expense for customer.

  2. Murdoch

    Murdoch Regular EF Member

    All I would do is note it on the EIC.
  3. wirepuller

    wirepuller Forum Mentor

    south uk
    While it obviously doesnt comply the boiler load is minimal and if it's unlikely that the socket is going to get two 13a loads at the same time there's not much chance of it being a major concern.
  4. MDJ

    MDJ Guest

    Can't see a problem myself, just add a note saying it doesn't comply with the regulations today.

    Of course unless you think danger is imminent and have proof it has to be altered.
  5. urbangee

    urbangee Guest

    Is the socket on the load side of the spur?
  6. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

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    as above posts. obviously the insomniacs have beaten me to it.
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