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  1. whinmoor

    whinmoor Electrician's Arms

    Wakefield/Leeds, West Yorkshire
    Business Name:
    Medoria Solar
    We were looking at investing in some software to help streamline and control our internal processes. We currently use MS Office for just about everything.

    My Finance Director is looking at Sage and Quickbook as possibilities but I’m not so convinced that these are great solutions as we wouldn’t use half of the features. I'd prefer to get a single package that handles both the technical and financial aspects.

    Just wondering if anyone used specialist software for their business which could cover both PV-specific issues and more general financial processes like purchase ledger and issuing invoices. I recently came across Simple Accounting Software - Solar Accounts which I initially thought may have been tailored to the requirements of our industry but it turned out to be a generalist package.

    Any thoughts?
  2. SRE

    SRE Electrician's Arms

    North West
    Try Solar flow that's what we use, cheap and cheerful. It's better to see it in action so ring Phil 07845787999 and he'll let you access his screen to show you what ti does. I didn't understand it's use from the website a 5 minute demo is much better. You don't get any sales push either which is always good. It's cut down our admin time dramatically.
  3. solarelectrix

    solarelectrix Electrician's Arms

  4. Somecamel

    Somecamel Solar Guru

    East Sussex
    I use Freeagent Central- Very user friendly- Just upload your bank statements into it- Will do Corp Tax, VAT, Payroll, Invoicing, P+L etc. It's an online cloud computing service similar to Xero.

    Xero is Ok and I love the auto import of bank transactions but wasn't overly impressed with the interface. Try and few and see what floats your boat :)

    Quick link for 10% off Freeagent Online Accounting Software: Small Business and Freelancers - FreeAgent and a sneaky 10% off for me as well :)
  5. Noshocks

    Noshocks Guest

    SRE, do you have a link, tried googling it but couldent find anything, thanks
  6. hopkins85

    hopkins85 Guest

    For me it has to be Kashflow. Online and great support.

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