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  1. steviethespark

    steviethespark EF Member

    Has any one installed spots lights above a pot belly stove ,my fear is the heat will affect the led spots and even to a certain degree the cables may get affected above the ceiling Im installing a small mf ceiling to allow for spots I have attached a pic of setup minus mf celing which I will install a lowing 85mm void for spot .Any help appreciated guys
  2. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

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    no picture.
  3. Richard Burns

    Richard Burns Respected Member

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    Richard Burns
    Depending on the distance from the stove, over 1m should be OK unless very enclosed.
    The cables should be selected for a higher ambient temperature and rated accordingly, but otherwise should be unaffected (unless the ceiling burns!)
    LED lights may well not like the higher temperature and have a reduced life, in this case I might recommend halogen spots as they will be OK.
  4. Andy78

    Andy78 Respected Member

    Kingston upon Hull
    If there is room, I would move the spot away from the direct heat source and use a gimbal fitting to illuminate the area.
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