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  1. Sam Deh

    Sam Deh New EF Member


    I am trying to make a light fixture with an LED bulb and rechargeable battery so that it can sit on table without any cords.

    What LED volt light will work with

    3.7V 750 mAh battery (see picture) or

    4.8V rechargeable battery (see picture)

    I am only finding LED strips and bulbs that are 12Volt and the batteries that will work with those LED are too bulky for my fixture.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    option 2.PNG

  2. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

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    a LED requires approx 2V. when on a 12V supply, you will have 6 in series. if you use a 3.7V or a 4.8V battery, you should try 2 individual LEDs in series. with the 4.8V, a small resistor ( experiment) or a diode ( drops 0.6V) may also be needed.
  3. GBDamo

    GBDamo Regular EF Member

    Buy an EM bulkead for 15-20 quid and scavenge the parts to build your unit, should last three hours between charges.
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  4. GBDamo

    GBDamo Regular EF Member

    Or even one of they one watt EM down lights, can pick them up for a tenner.
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