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  1. Trevor R

    Trevor R Guest


    Just looked at a job in a 90 year old building - the customer wants a number of additional sockets, the only existing socket is surface mounted with the T&E chased into the wall. The room full of bookshelves all walls from the floor to the ceiling. I explained that to chase the walls etc would mean moving all of the books, and not without a little dust and disruption - he said sod that surface mount them using trunking make it look as neat as you can.

    So I am thinking I can extend from the existing ring - but how do I make bring the T&E out from the existing surface mounted socket look neat? Cable out and into trunking?

    Any ideas more than appreciated

  2. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

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    straight out the side of the patress into mini trunking.
  3. Trevor R

    Trevor R Guest

    Oopps that will teach me to check what I have written - the existing socket is flush mounted not surface - the new sockets will be surface mounted any ideas on how to make that look neat?
  4. mechelec

    mechelec Electrician's Arms

    Surface mount existing socket and as already said out the side to mini trunking
  5. Adam W

    Adam W Regular EF Member

    Drill out the thread on a surface box and use extra long 3.5mm screws through the holes in the surface mount box and into the recessed one, then mini trunking out of the socket, which will make all the sockets look the same.
  6. ipf

    ipf Forum Mentor

    Suggest doing a little testing before you start. And, if your extending the ring at the socket, you could be a bit short of room (4 T+E's?)
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