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  1. charzree

    charzree EF Member

    The Incoming breaker model is Terasaki - S250-PE, 250 Ampere Frame rated for which Ics is 70kA, Category A breaker

    The outgoing breakers model is Terasaki - H125 NJ, 125 Ampere Frame rated for which Ics is 85kA,Category A breakers

    The bus bar rating is 65kA for 1s.

    How should this panel board be specified, 65kA for 1s??. Since both the Incoming & outgoing breakers are of category A breakers, Is it correct to mention the time rating along with the short circuit?

    Generally, How is the panel board short circuit is mentioned in the name plate of the board for which the Incoming & Outgoing breakers have different breaking capacity?
  2. westward10

    westward10 In echoed steps I walk across an empty dream. Staff Member Moderator

    What does the rating plate state and do you have the test certificate. They are normally rated to the busbar section withstand.
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