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  1. Knobhead

    Knobhead Guest

    The title say’s it all. Do you have any?
    View attachment 10800
    This is my one and only, it’s Hern, God of the Glade.
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  2. Ponty Massive

    Ponty Massive Guest

    That looks fresh Tony!!
  3. pmac10

    pmac10 Guest

    yes, plenty! from various locations around the world, found tattoo studios in the Netherlands the best, no objections to "bring a bottle" to the waiting room (as long as your sober when you choose your design), obviously booze wasn't the only relaxant being used by the punters
  4. RWJ

    RWJ 8,400+ day wonder Electrician's Arms

    East Anglia
    The air freshener guy?
  5. MarkieSparkie

    MarkieSparkie Guest

    It puts whole new slant on the slogan and jingle "Shake 'n' vac and put the freshness back"!:joker:
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