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Testing frequency

Discussion in 'PAT Testing Forum' started by K-PAT, Oct 18, 2013.

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  1. K-PAT

    K-PAT Active EF Member

    St. Ives, Cambs
    Hello all, Just thought I'd check some opinions on testing frequency, with the changes in the guidance advice.The latest(4th) edition has revised some of the intervals for certain types of appliances such as IT. Would you consider that the changes can be applied retrospectively, ie if an appliances was coming up to it's last retest date but under the new guidance could be left for a longer period, would it be in order to apply the new extended retest time, or should this only be applied once a test has been carried out in the lifetime of the 4th edition? can probably tell that I've some time on my hands by asking this, but it's been going round in my head for some reason...Thanks. K-pat
  2. UNG

    UNG Forum Mentor

    Nr Wigan, Lancs
    Your forum name suggests you are involved in PAT testing so what are your thoughts on the changes
  3. Richard Burns

    Richard Burns Respected Member

    Business Name:
    Richard Burns
    The problem with the change over is that the old labels have a restest date and so could be considered "out of date".
  4. Megahertz

    Megahertz Guest

    The intervals in the Code of Practice have always been suggested - although the suggested intervals have changed slightly, it doesn't make that much difference in practice. If you tested, say, a computer in 2010, and decided at that point that it next needed testing in 2014, and labelled it accordingly, then I would suggest you test it in 2014.

    The 4th edition of the CoP actually recommends that you don't put the 'next test date' on the stickers now, although most people still do.
  5. Jacobguerrero00

    Jacobguerrero00 Guest

    Type of Installation, Routine check sub clause 3.5, Maximum period between Inspections and testing as necessary, Reference see notes below.

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  6. SirKit Breaker

    SirKit Breaker Guest

    Read the C of P carefully, you can risk assess things and then form your own opinion of what should be done and when, based on you knowledge of the appliance and its application.

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