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  1. ian smith

    ian smith New EF Member

    county durham
    Hi , I am currently installing a truma therme TT2 water heater in my self build campervan, I have run all the water pipes to were they have to go and run the wiring from the heater up to the consumer board , the problem I have now is the switch, I don't know where the wires have to go it has green, yellow, white and brown wires coming from it, I have looked on line for any wiring diagrams but have had no luck , is there anybody out there that can help, thank you, Ian.
  2. westward10

    westward10 In echoed steps I walk across an empty dream. Electrician's Arms

    Any chance of a picture.
  3. SJD

    SJD Trusted Advisor

    Braccan heal
    Have you tried looking on the Truma website? There is a Therme installation manual there, with a drawing that shows how to connect the heating element, the control panel and the supply.

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