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Discuss U2117-00 CAN-Bus No Communication with DIS (Display) in the Auto Electrician Forum area at

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  1. steven lightfoot

    steven lightfoot EF Member

    Business Name:
    I drive a 2009 Vauxhall Astra twin top and one morning when starting the engine I noticed my BID display never came on and at same time my steering controls had stopped working and the lights on the stereo buttons didn't come on. for a month prior to this I had been getting false error messages coming up on my BID Display like coolant level low even though it was fine or fog light or reverse light even though they were fine. what could it be and what can I do ? I have opcom china clone but at same time this happened it seems to have stopped communicating with cim module etc
  2. SparkyChick

    SparkyChick Making a banana smoothy for my fave gorilla Staff Member Moderator

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    South Wales
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    I'm hardly do anything with auto electrics, but if this was my problem, I'd be getting a wiring diagram for the car and checking the wiring loom out to make sure there are no breaks.

    Could be a scuffed/damaged cable shorting to the body work preventing the CAN bus from working or a break in the cable.

    I have designed a CAN bus based system for interboard communications in a cash handling machine it was a while ago, but if I recall correctly, both ends of the bus need terminating resistors. If they were missing, it either didn't work or it was just plain dodgy :)

    So, start by checking the loom for breaks and shorts to ground.
  3. static zap

    static zap Regular EF Member

    west midlands
    Has anything else been changed.
    (After market radio -upset normal comms ?)
    ... May not be time of year for water in wiring ..
    unless effect of drying out ! as SC says check wiring !
    ... Check everything powered .Fuses ...
  4. shaun1

    shaun1 Regular EF Member

    United Kingdom
    Someone else posted on here with the exact same problem and symptoms with an astra van, but this had an aftermarket HU. But as sparkychick says, this sounds like a fault on the can bus which is stopping comunication between modules. (The can bus is a pair of wires which run through the car and all computer modules are connected to. Each one can then transmit error messages or instructions to switch on lights etc, and information to be displayed on the screen, which other modules repond to)
  5. PEG

    PEG Forum Mentor

    Hi,have you had code read on this?

    A good scour of the forums,specific to your model,is always time well spent. Me pal has a crackin Solus analyser,and a rake of experience on these issues,but he always trawls through BBA Reman,and some of the other sites,for common problems.

    We had a problem Mitsubishi L200 last week,cutting out after 5 or 6 seconds from starting - no EML,only an EGR code...
    EGR checked out physically and independently,but still coded. After a fruitless search,i mentioned it reminded me of when some wag,jammed a potato in your exhaust...dropped the exhaust off at the downpipe,and it run fine:cool:

    The DPF was blocked solid,and a previous owner had done a DPF delete remap,so no warnings or clues.

    We had a couple of Vectras years back,which would randomly and worryingly,deploy the side air-bags,during a journey,so Vauxall have history of comedy electronics :)
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  6. steven lightfoot

    steven lightfoot EF Member

    Business Name:
    so where can I get it looked at ? don't want to go to common auto electrician cause they deal with the electrics and not the computers. don't want to pay for him to fruitlessly wonder around testing everything then start throwing parts at it to try and fix. need somebody who understands the modules and the can bus system

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