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  1. solarguy

    solarguy Guest

    Hi All,

    I wanted to get this started last year but ill-health put paid to that, however things are good now and I would like to pick up where I started. The idea is simply to put together a network of installers who do the job well.

    From the off; I'm not an installer or an electrician but marketer and sales pro involved in green projects. I would also like to find installers in the Surrey area to create a local business. I'm prepared to build the website, a green brand, SEO, Google rankings and the lead generation systems.

    Don't know if its of interest, and probably others are doing the same, so I'm asking the question?

    Regards, Jim.
  2. solarguy

    solarguy Guest

    Maybe I should add, that I've grown businesses, and my biggest (personal) success was taking a small textured coating manufacturer from a £100k per annum turnover to a £9m, 30 office national franchise inside 24 months?
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  3. solarguy

    solarguy Guest

    I came onto this site a year ago to push forward and create this network but ill-health stopped all if that in its tracks. Now fully functional, I want to find like-minded people I can network with, to build successful, local, green energy businesses.

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