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  1. toxsickcity

    toxsickcity New EF Member

    Hi All,

    Im new here, I hope all is well, I have a few questions I hope some experts can answer for me as I am wondering what the functionality of these features might be on this security system.

    Someone broke into my car and broke my ignition key lock trying to start my car but did not succeed VERY VERY LUCK I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I brought last week a 2 way security system with a Key thats got a LCD screen,

    Two wired objects in this crappy manual say to wire to a handbrake (on one harness which connects ignition/acc etc.
    and to connect to a charging indicator/oil pressure indicator. on a small harness together from control box which looks to control the doors solenoid locks.

    anyways I now want to put this in, I have decent wiring skills such as having engine swapped and knowing to rewire harnesses is one thing but understanding what the use for security on the handbrake and charge light would be?
    would these be simply optional?


  2. snowhead

    snowhead Respected Member

    The charging light connection would detect the engine starting/running.
    The connection to the handbrake will pick up if the handbrake is released, as in car being moved .
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  3. loplug

    loplug Electrician's Arms

    @ snowhead beat me to it

    The hand brake cable will tell the system the car is parked or if the hand brake is released. The other will indicate if the engine has been started. Hope this helps
  4. toxsickcity

    toxsickcity New EF Member

    Thanks for the reply guys,

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