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  1. john gross

    john gross Guest

    When installing a new circuit for a pv system it is neccessary to fill in an installation cert. If the earthing can not be verified is it then neccessary to install new 10mm earth wires to gas and water mains or ok to note it on the sheet? Iv'e been replacing earths up to now but this job is sometimes more time taking than the installation itself. What do you guys do?
    A long lead can verify if it's within.05 of an ohm but is that good enough?
  2. GaryM

    GaryM Guest

    Yes, an EIC is required for a new circuit, along with a schedule of items inspection and schedule of test results.

    131.8 - Additions and alterations to an installation
    No addition or alteration, temporary or permanent, shall be made to an existing installation, unless it has been ascertained that the rating and the condition of any existing equipment, including that of the distributor, will be adequate for the altered circumstances. Furthermore, the earthing and bonding arrangements, if necessary for the protective measure applied for the safety of the addition or alteration, shall be adequate.

    Gas and water pipework could read as low as 0.05 ohms between your testing point and the MET due to connections at the boiler.
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