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  1. KillerKlown

    KillerKlown Guest

    Hi, I've just done my PAT testing course and have a urgent question. I'm doing the PAT testing for my firm. In the course we kind of drifted over class 3 items as it is very rare you'll come accross them. Typically, one of the sets of scales we have at work is a class 3. I have two PAT testers, one is a Robin Smartpat 5000, and the other is a Martindale hpat 600. Neither of these have a class 3 function. What do I do about this class 3 item? Any help would be grately recieved.
  2. QSGAZ

    QSGAZ Guest

    A Class III appliance is designed to be supplied from a separated/safety extra-low voltage (SELV) power source. The voltage from a SELV supply is low enough that under normal conditions a person can safely come into contact with it without risk of electrical shock. The extra safety features built into Class I and Class II appliances are therefore not required. For medical devices compliance with Class III is not considered sufficient protection. Basically do a visual and that will be ok.
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  3. KillerKlown

    KillerKlown Guest

    Thanks my man. I have a printer and a scanner that has a ac apadtor and a old stero type connection, rounded/rectangled with two holes, like the old stereos/video players use etc. How do I test them? I only have a IEC point on my testers, and my mind has gone blank!
  4. MarkieSparkie

    MarkieSparkie Guest

    Adaptors are available for PAT testing IEC 60320 C1/C2 non-polarised or C7/C8 polarised (female outlet/male inlet) connector combinations.
    Note, a C7 adaptor will fit C1 and C8 will fit C2 so only one set of adaptor are required for either combination.

  5. KAMAG

    KAMAG Guest

    Thank you very much Markie for the adapter link i have just bought a set. i usually make any adapters up i need and this could save me a faf on.
    Cheers KAMAG
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