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  1. Drexyn

    Drexyn Regular EF Member

    Hi folks,

    Has anyone seen or used any type of virtual reality technology whilst learning the trade?

    The reason i am asking is because i am acutely aware of the use of this type of technology for games consoles and pc games. This got me thinking more about the benefits of using this type of technology in a learning environment.

    I appreciate the obvious fact about costs etc... however i believe with the right types of programming, the use of these types of equipment will slowly start to become the normal practice.

    Many companies are starting to use these items as training tools, examples are the military, surgeons, R&D companies and the most obvious of course is sports companies. Does anyone think that VR tech could be considered a valued use of modern technology or do you think it is a waste of money and stick to the books?

    I think having this type of tech would greatly enhance the learning experience and can provide real virtual scenarios without the obvious risks and all in the comfort of a training environment. The opportunities to change the programmes and add or edit different scenarios to manipulate the learning environment would be almost endless.

    I would appreciate your feedback on this as it is something i am considering for a future project.
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