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Discuss Van security in the Electrical Tools and Products area at

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  1. ezzzekiel

    ezzzekiel Guest

    Happened again van door forced open last night ( luckily it was empty for a change)
    but looking for a van vault any recommendations, needs to be big enough for cordless sds circular saw grinder etc but easy to move from vehicle looking at van vault mobi but think may be too small any one got or know of one suitable
  2. 1shortcircuit

    1shortcircuit Guest

    A van vault is all well and good but the damage has already been done by that point.

    Have you considered spending your money on a quality alarm system? On my BMW I fitted knock sensors and tilt sensors to upgrade the factory immobiliser and toad alarm system.
  3. mickys86

    mickys86 Electrician's Arms

    How much would a good alarm system cost roughly..... Anyone know?
  4. 1shortcircuit

    1shortcircuit Guest

    I'm not sure for vans but I reckon you'd be looking between £350-£500 for an all singing all dancing example.
  5. ezzzekiel

    ezzzekiel Guest

    Nice thought but it's company van so looking for next best option for safety of my gear
  6. needasparks

    needasparks Electrician's Arms

    Getting the tools out the van is free, if its only the amount that fits in a van vault it only takes two minutes to take them indoors.
    Van break-in's are rife round my way so i always empty the van of tools now, The vans insured but Its the out of work bit that would scares me, just think what you would have to replace and how long it would take.
    Sparks and plumbers seem to be the most hit lately, I guess due to being signwriten.
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  7. i=p/u

    i=p/u Electrician's Arms

    you need one will wake the street up if you park on street.... z
  8. jase

    jase Electrician's Arms

    I would be worried that if they break in and see the van vault then they would know that there is something worth locking up in there and break into that too, persistent *******s when they want to be, ive seen shipping containers broken into and all the plant nicked, including my bosses steel toecap boots!!!
    scum, if only they showed more persistence in getting a proper job
  9. i=p/u

    i=p/u Electrician's Arms

    maybe they have lots of common sense as pays more than a job they could get... quite a lot more
  10. alarm man

    alarm man Guest

    could try these..

    12V DC Car Security Smoke Screen
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  11. The Finch

    The Finch Regular EF Member

    We have the van vaults supplied by firm it's part of the jib that the employer shall provide some form of lockable security container for employees tools and equipment, I've got a connect so just got the mobi got my battery drill and laptop and some expensive specialist programming equipment, tool bag comes with me, van vault does take up a bit of room though
  12. mogga

    mogga Just me Electrician's Arms

    There was a battery alarm thingy i had years ago it just clipped on the steering wheel very visable and by christ did it screm when it went off
    Personaly as iv just got shed built and Im putting power in it Iv got a PIR LED to mount on pole at shed BUT people walkin past will trigger it so dont want to be jumping out bed everytime i see a flash outside
  13. sparkdog

    sparkdog sparkdog Electrician's Arms

    Sunny Sussex
    Business Name:
    C MacRae Electrical
    Just had mine broken into about 10.00AM in a college car park.Locks crow-barred off back door.They grabbed a bag with my Megger RCD tester and all my test leads and adaptors from behind the seat.Feel like fitting a machine gun that goes off when you open the back door.
  14. Richard Burns

    Richard Burns Respected Member

    Business Name:
    Richard Burns
    Sorry to hear that, never a nice feeling.
    The machine gun would be a nice idea until you forget its there yourself!

    Just goes to show that no matter what security you have someone will still manage to get in.
    Hope your insurance is sympathetic, at least you have evidence of forced entry.
    Does not help you at the moment though:icon9:.
  15. MarkieSparkie

    MarkieSparkie Guest

    Make sure you report it to the Police and get a crime number, because the Insurance Company will require it along with a written statement/report of the incident before they will payout or initiate repairs to the vehicle.
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