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  1. StefOtter

    StefOtter EF Member

    Hi guys,

    My work in a garage requires the use of electronic car and other vehicle diagnostic tools amongst all the other gas analyser and emissions testing type work we do for MOTs and general repairs and servicing etc.

    I was wondering what MOT and car diagnostic tools other auto electricians are using in their work these days?

    We have to update all our testing gear (some of it is as old as me!) and I have been looking at all in one type setup such as the b touch diagnostic tool at Boston here: b-Touch - Touch Screen Vehicle Diagnostic Tool -

    I would be interested to hear what test gear and equipment tools other vehicle electrical specialists are currently using as there seems to be a lot of equipment out there and it is hard to work out what is the best solution for an independent garage like ours.

    We are also looking at the emissions testing equipment we need for MOT's etc but I don't think that's one for the eledtricians amongst us!
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