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Which Wholesaler do you use???

  1. CEF

  2. Newey & Eyre

  3. Edmundsons

  4. Denmans

  5. Wilts

  6. TLC

  7. WF Wades

  8. Screwfix/Electricfix

  9. Links

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  10. Meteor

  11. Other Local Independant

  12. Kingsbury's

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  1. deafboy

    deafboy Regular EF Member

    Hi what wholesalers do you use and what sort of discounts do you expect?
    Anybody use denmans? I am finding some of Electricfix prices are better than my wholesaler is this normal?
  2. tonycoysh

    tonycoysh Guest

    I tend to use Western Electrical (South West) mostly. I too find Screwfix/Electicfix sometimes beat their price but other times, no where near. City Electrical Factors seem ok but haven't used them as much.
  3. timo1

    timo1 Electrician's Arms

    In my experience they all differ wildly in price. I use electrifix as I know what the bill will be. meteor electrical is a site sponsor and I was really impressed with the products and price, definately worth considering if you are getting enough items to qualify for the free postage. cef can surprise me as sometimes they are really good on price and other times sky high, I think you just have to barter with the wholesalers a bit and TBH I cant be bothered, hence the electrifix catalogue lol..
  4. mikeh58

    mikeh58 Guest

    In my opinion Denmans are the best,dug me out of a hole a few times,also if you ask for the best price they can give you,they always give around 40% or more on there catalogue much cheaper than cef or wilts and more friendly .
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  5. RWJ

    RWJ 8,400+ day wonder Electrician's Arms

    East Anglia
    We swear by denmans..... but again HAGGLE!!!!

    They deliver all over that place for us so saves us on diesel and time. They'll even bring 1 lamp or a pack of cable ties. First class service!
  6. D80

    D80 Guest

    Use Meteor a lot these days, first class service. Yet to get a delivery wrong for me either (touch wood!), which was a CEF speciality!
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  7. danzor

    danzor Forum Mentor

    CEF are shocking
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  8. DurhamSparky

    DurhamSparky Guest

    Con Every Fooker
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  9. sparkdog

    sparkdog sparkdog Electrician's Arms

    Sunny Sussex
    Business Name:
    C MacRae Electrical
    Wilts,TLC and Electricfix/Screwfix.Prices pretty much the same but don't all stock the same things, like Wilts don't do Wago but TLC do.
  10. supasparxs

    supasparxs Electrician's Arms

    Leigh, Lancashire
    A few years ago, I had Denman's in Chelmsford quote for a job.
    I based in Manchester, went to collect the materials and they had very little of it
    I went elsewhere
  11. deafboy

    deafboy Regular EF Member

    Thanks for the replies!

    I have been using Denmans mostly but find myself using screwfix more often, I called Denmans recently for the best price on a storage heater the price they came back with was £100 dearer than 1st price I found on internet, so now I find myself having to check all their prices each time I order then going back haggling? IMHO best price should be best price for a regular customer?

    Now getting a account with Newey and Eyre and then CEF and see who can quote me cheapest!:bucktooth:
  12. Amp David

    Amp David Forum Mentor

    My local CEF prices are stupid. Go to the other branch 8 miles away and they are miles cheaper. Also don't like the gear they sell, sockets etc their own brand cak.

    Just recently started using TN Robinson, have pretty much beaten most of Electricfix prices, good price on all cable and as I use Click mode switches and sockets now 99% of the time, they do this at stonking prices.

    Will also deliver your stuff as they have a van out every day
  13. Christhesparky

    Christhesparky Electrician's Arms

    I generally use 2 independant local wholesalers, both have good stocks and generally beat the big boys prices
  14. sythai

    sythai Electrician's Arms

    80% independent wholesaler, unbeatable all round service and most prices very competitive.

    Rest is from Denmans, Wilts, TLC, Westons - CEF is an absolute joke !!
  15. D80

    D80 Guest

    This is almost turning into a CEF appreciation thread:jester:
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