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Discuss Where is the best place to pick up LED GU10's? in the Business Related area at

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  1. gap30

    gap30 Guest

    Can anyone recommend anywhere to pick up up LED gu10's, i know where to get the cheap rubbish ones.

    I mean something middle of the road that is half decent with no comebacks ie breaking after a week.

    Sort of new to buying LED lamps as most customers are not happy to pay the prices for this type of lamp.

    I am looking for say £5 - £6 each for a 4.5w for example.
  2. chrish_1977

    chrish_1977 Electrician's Arms

    Try tool station, noticed in their latest catalogue that they got some in there
  3. tbs1983

    tbs1983 Guest

    Got some for £8+vat from my local wholesalers, they seem to be decent quality and supposed to do 50,000hrs. there are some cheap ones around on ebay etc but be wary of quality, theres a lot of cheap chinese rubbish about that wont last.
  4. gap30

    gap30 Guest

    They aint cheap though!!
  5. RyanCheetham

    RyanCheetham Electrician's Arms

    A website called LEDHut are good
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  6. Fin170

    Fin170 Electrician's Arms

    x2, register as a tradesman and the lamps (dimmable) are just over £5 each

    Ow, I also got a free pack of Haribo with my last order :tongue3:
  7. ste mac

    ste mac Electrician's Arms

    I have been buying the 60 SMD ones from lustrum light on the Internet. 30% discount if you are trade.
  8. onions1066

    onions1066 Electrician's Arms

    I've been getting 5w cromptons from edmundsons for a fiver and they seem pretty good
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  9. grantr37

    grantr37 Trainee Access

    Try Fusion LED's on google
  10. amethyst

    amethyst Guest

    Maybe you can find some great deals of LED GU10 lamps in your place or nearby cities. You can also try to shop in the internet, for sure, you can find some great deals that you could choose from and in affordable prices.
  11. partypest

    partypest Electrician's Arms

  12. moddeydhoo

    moddeydhoo Guest

    i get mine on ebay cheap and work ok, some i have installed have been i for 3 years, cef want over £20 for 1 on ebay can get 10 for £20
  13. Christhesparky

    Christhesparky Electrician's Arms

    I have been getting Modo - made by megaman, 4.95 +vat at a local independant wholesaler
  14. Resu

    Resu Forum Mentor

    Scottish Highlands
    x3 for LEDHut
  15. LowPower

    LowPower Guest

    What brands of bulb have you guys had success or failure with?
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