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  1. Pluto

    Pluto Guest

    Hi all, I am looking for advice on which Competent Persons Scheme to join? After been involved with Auto Electrics some years ago I have been in Manufacturing ever since. However, due to the current downturn and following my interest in Domestic Electrics I decided to re-train and subsequently spent 2008 working towards and qualifying with 2377, 17th Edition, 2391 and EAL part 'p'.
    I don`t intend to leave my current job, at least for a while, if ever but I will definately join a Competent Persons Scheme (pending assessment!) and set up as a sole trader on a part-time basis for the time being. I have had occasional 'days of experience' with a relative but feel confident to go it alone before the knowledge of last year starts to fade away!!
    Anyway, sorry for the ramble. Just explaining my circs..
    I`ve heard some dodgy rumours about NIC but it seems to be the most recognised provider. Or do you think a different provider would suit my circumstances equally??
    Thanks for your time in reading and in advance, thanks for any replies
  2. Des 56

    Des 56 Forum Mentor

    Gliese 581C
    The nic will accept your granny if she's read some sort of book on electrics nowadays ,so a formality getting di registered with them
    They are by far the best known and requested by the ill informed insurances councils if its the name you need go with them
    You have the 2391 so will be accepted by Napit
    Much less known than nic or eca but seem to be the home of well qualified self employed sparks (they do not recognise a domestic installer status amongst sparks )they are apparantly better at assisting on tech info by replying to members queries etc better than nic
    Eca are the oldest body and are well known and accept only well qualified stable companies They run 2 schemes via elecsa which they own and bre certification for registration with part p
    In the end your own requirements may dictate the choice
  3. Pluto

    Pluto Guest

    Thanks for the reply. After considering what you say I`m tempted to go with NAPIT as they probably most suit my requirements . It sounds like NIC are a choice for people who NEED to go with them owing to dictation by certain customers/bodies, but perhaps i`m talking out of turn on that one. Either way, it has to work out more cost effective joining any scheme rather than going thru building control every time!
    Thanks again, Craig
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