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Discuss Which diamond core cutter set do you use? in the Industrial Electrician Talk area at

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  1. Jel

    Jel Regular EF Member

    East London
    Right i think im going to order the Makita 8406 Core drill, however i wanted some advise as to which core cutter set i should use with it.
    Would like some review on the sets you currently have, as their are so many to pick from.
    Would appreciate any good suggestions.
  2. Bradzz

    Bradzz Guest

    I had the makita drill and core set, i used the core set about, 15 times max and core bit fell apart, the drill is quite a nice drill, but got rid im also on the look for better bits, so i will tag along on this fred.
  3. Geordie Spark

    Geordie Spark Trusted Advisor

    I use the Makita 8406 with Norton cutters.

    I'm originally from the engineering industry, & Norton manufacture grinding wheels so theirs was a name I was already familiar with. Add this to the fact that one of the companies I used to work for back in the '70's made core cutters when this was a quite specialised industry, I think I can recognise a decent core cutter when I see one & for me it's Norton every time.
    Each to his / her own though. ;)
  4. MarkieSparkie

    MarkieSparkie Guest

    Buy the best quality you can afford. I can recommend "Norton" as I used these a lot in the past. Last year I was unable to obtain "Norton" from my supplier, in the sizes I required for a particular job, I decided to give "Marcrist" a try, what a revelation! Absolutely superb, speedy and efficient cutting, used either wet or dry. I've cut nearly a hundred holes with a "Marcrist" 117 x 165 CCU850X and still have well defined sharp diamond lands.
  5. Bradzz

    Bradzz Guest

    Is that the same Norton cutters that B&Q sell.

    if not how do i get hold of this cutter, could you link a web site.
    Cheers Geordie Spark.

  6. malcolmsanford

    malcolmsanford Trusted Advisor

    Norton, Makitta. Macrist etc etc ..................without doubt the best core cutter that far outstrips the rest .......................get someone else to do it ......................
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  7. Geordie Spark

    Geordie Spark Trusted Advisor

    Hi Bradzz

    I've not seen them in B&Q, but that said, I've never looked for them there !!

    Screwfix sell them - along with some other brands that I've not tried.

    I tried to post a link to the relevant Screwfix page, but it didn't work
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2011
  8. pennywise

    pennywise Trusted Advisor

    REMS do some very good cores :D
  9. millwall ken

    millwall ken Guest

    EXACTLY, I'm forever trying to drill into people to ALWAYS buy the best quality tools that you can afford to. I don't understand why educated blokes would waste money on poor quality tools. As far as I'm concerned, its always worth spending that extra few quid on something that will last - even if it means that you have to save up for it....
    Hence the beauty of this forum - so that you can get recommendations from other members. This forum to me is like working a large site, there is always someone who knows something about something.
  10. BigSi

    BigSi Electrician's Arms

    I use Armeg dry diamond core's with a Bosch GSB 162-2RE core drill.
  11. RWJ

    RWJ 8,400+ day wonder Electrician's Arms

    East Anglia
    Marcrist Every time.. They weight a ton so get the labourer to do the dilling while you stand back and supervise!!
  12. Jel

    Jel Regular EF Member

    East London
    Thanks for all the advise.
    I just got a bargain, 4" Norton diamond core for £20 off ebay.
    Can anyone advise what size arbour i need and if i need anything else. Thank you.
  13. Geordie Spark

    Geordie Spark Trusted Advisor

    You need this: Screwfix Product Code: 10766 .............. or something similar.
  14. DaveyD

    DaveyD Electrician's Arms

    Well, I havent got a core drill and I dont want to snap my wrists ... so I borrow my brothers. They use it every week with no problems. Hitachi core drill and Spectrum core kit. His tip, if its not cutting fast enough (besides the obvious clogged up), replace the pilot drill.
    Kind Regards
  15. Jon Grunwell

    Jon Grunwell New EF Member

    Business Name:
    Care 4 Bathroom Solutions Ltd
    The Best core drill without doubt is the Hilti DD110 ...I have had so many over the years, makita de Walt you name them ...they are just not man enogh for the job ...yes I know they are can pick one up on eBay circa 300 far better than buying any of the DIY kit new!!! and you wonk break your wrist!
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