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Discuss Window Switch issue Ford F250 in the Auto Electrician Forum area at

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  1. Dylan Dove

    Dylan Dove New EF Member

    Berkeley CA
    I just bought a 1986 Ford F250 and the passenger side window doesn't roll down. I took off the door panel and jumped the motor and the window is able to go up and down. When I got the window down, I noticed that without me doing anything, and everything wired up normally, that the window was able to be rolled up.

    The window switch has 5 wires going to it. 2 red, 2 yellow, and a blue. I noticed that if I run a ground from the bottom yellow wire to the door I can operate the window down. However, when I have it wired like this, when I try and roll the window up, it cannot roll up. If I remove the ground jump, I can roll the window up. The jump cable gets very hot and sparks when it is connected and I try and roll the window up. What do you guys think this is?
  2. shaun1

    shaun1 Regular EF Member

    United Kingdom

    I believe this is the wiring diagram for your car. (Although for LHD so sides will be reversed)

    Looks like your blue wire is +12v and then you have yellow/black and red/black which are the open and close wires coming from the drivers door switch. And then 2 wires to the motor.

    When operating the drivers door switch, one wire will be at +12v and the other grounded. When not using the drivers door switch, both will be grounded and the passenger door will switch 1 side or the other to the blue 12v.

    So it looks like the fault lies in the drivers door switch, or the wiring between the 2.
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  3. ruston

    ruston Trusted Advisor

    I agree , it is not reversing the polarity.
  4. Dylan Dove

    Dylan Dove New EF Member

    Berkeley CA
    Awesome, thanks guys!
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