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  1. SKY

    SKY Electrician's Arms

    Got a customer who after a very expensive extension has realised that he has got the switching wrong after all the rooms have been decorated.

    Is there such thing as wireless system were the unit can site above the ceiling in the loft and be switched by a wall mount remote switch?

  2. Groucho Mace

    Groucho Mace EF Member

    South Coast
    yes Rako do a system its kinda expensive though, but very good
  3. ackbarthestar

    ackbarthestar Forum Mentor

    A Zoo near YOU
    I assume that its something along the lines of: multiway switching was expected but has been left with a single way switch.?

    If you have access to the feed for the light/lights in the extension then you might short out the manual switch, or disconnect at the 3-plate, and use any one of a number of wireless systems with wall mounted and fob activated switches.

    You might try Wisebox
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2012
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