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  1. AceRimmer

    AceRimmer Space cowboy

    scottish highlands fort william
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    Hugh fitzsimons & son
    Hi everyone looking for a bit of advice.A friends mum wants to add a wirless 2 way switch to an existing 1 way light ( nice wallpaper not wanting to chase walls) . I can get to the joint box but just not to sure what wirless switching is available and any good for job. Any advice welcome
    Thanks again
  2. SWD

    SWD Gender neutral Electrician's Arms

    I thought with any *cough "intelligent" lighting you needed a neutral at the switch, as its your friends Mum I'd just walk away unless........

    Smoke me a Kipper and all of that........
  3. HandySparks

    HandySparks Trusted Advisor

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    Neish Electrical Services
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  4. pirate

    pirate EF Member

    Totaly agree, these are the mutts nuts. No batteries, no remote control to lose! OK, the receiver module needs to be accesible to reset after a power failure, but many light fittings can accommodate them in the ceiling rose, or in a Wagobox pushed into the ceiling cavity. Pairing with additional switches is easy, so you can control the light from virtually anywhere. Not cheap, until you compare the cost of raggling, plastering and redecorating, and the mess and upheaval involved in that.
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