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  1. Kev2632

    Kev2632 Regular EF Member

    Hello, this a field of work i havent really touched or done much with and just wanted to get my head round it..,

    In a commercial building i know that you wire single runs from the patch panel to the outlets within the building,

    How does it all work, when its all connected up at the patch panel, is there something to do with patch leads?? and how are you able to transfer calls between different rooms and that?

    How is it possible for more than one call to come into the building on the same phone number but be answered by a different phone if somebody else is using the other one's.

  2. RISElectrical

    RISElectrical Guest

    All the routing is done in the server mate, there will be specific ports on the patch panel assigned to voice/data etc and its the computer side of things that diverts the calls etc etc.
  3. ackbarthestar

    ackbarthestar Forum Mentor

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