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  1. JSSE

    JSSE EF Member

    North Lincs
    Hi Guys,

    I work for a international packaging company and we have had a death of an engineer in South Africa. He was changing a motor on a strapping machine and electrocuted himself, further details are not for coming yet.

    It has raised questions as follows and i was looking for your thoughts.

    I'm 58 and have my original C&G electrical installations qualification and the 17th edt of the regs. I work mostly on the the control systems of high speed production machines and PLCs.

    As an engineering department we do of course install lighting and supplies to machinery etc as well.

    We also operate a comprehensive permit to work system.

    Our Safety manager has indicated we will have to do more! but has not said at this moment what.

    We have fixed wiring tests and emergency lighting tests done by outside contractors.

    Most of our work in control systems on machinery.

    I could not do most of my fault finding if i was required to power down a machine before working on it.

    What systems, tests, qualifications do you have in your place of work if its an environment like mine.
  2. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    Business Name:
    Risk Assessments
    Method Statements
    Permits to work
    Safe Isolation Procedures
    Tag in and out Systems
    Proper Safety equipment provided to all engineers
    Proper Training and follow up procedures
    Health and Safety Statements
    Health and Safety Policy
    There will be more, but all these items MUST be in place to ensure Safe working, sounds like the poor Guy who was electrocuted wasn't supervised properly and the Safety guidelines were not suitable
  3. westward10

    westward10 In echoed steps I walk across an empty dream. Electrician's Arms

    If he was changing a motor and electrocuted himself surely the permit, method statement or whatever was not adhered to.
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  4. Stspark

    Stspark Regular EF Member

    Live work is live work and should always be avoided. However there is difference between changing a motor and fault finding/testing. The control measures will be different for each situation, a risk assessment would identify this.
    Sounds like isolation was seriously overlooked in the case you describe.
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  5. Cbuk2k2

    Cbuk2k2 Active EF Member

    In my experience most large companies run an internal competency scheme where you have to demonstrate to a supervisor you are competent to perform your role.
    You will also find a lot of companies use a special limitation of access permit where live work must be undertaken.
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