Tiling Advice and Tiling Project Management

Tiling Advice

Tiling Advice and Tiling Project Management

Tiling Advice and Tiling Project Management with a Personal Approach

When you’re looking online for Tiling Advice you get a minefield of information, usually online shops with blogs that just want to tell you about ‘The Top 5 Bathroom Tiles This Season’ and the likes. Then there are the forums, the blogs, the training courses, the associations for tiles (what?!) and bathrooms (what whaaaat?).

Usually they have a slant. For our forums, it’s been very hard to manage the pro-sponsor but fair-actual-tradesperson-recommendations which can be company reps disguising themselves as traders themselves though never having touched a tool or not wore a tie.

I think we’ve managed that, well, unlike forums owned by somebody with a financial interest in the industry, such as ones owned by training schools and private colleges, or ones owned by actual suppliers – ours has stayed online for around 15 years now.

It’s still hard though to find what advice online to trust.

So TilingAdviceLive.co.uk have come up with something. You get a bespoke FREE OF CHARGE service where they will help you plan your tiling project from start to finish. Or do as little as you need them to do if you’ve already got some ideas and contacts and even tiles and adhesives.

They use their awesome contacts from the tile industry that they’ve gained over the years. All the people working on the project are doing it for free for now. With a hope that one day there would perhaps be some profit in the agent type setup and share discounts on tiling tools, tile adhesives, tiles etc from their contacts, with the customer/homeowner/project manager/quantity surveyor/architect/specifier – Did I mention it’s a free service?

Checkout their website if you’re looking for tile project advice service, but with an awesome difference and a personal taste to your project.


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