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  • Perhaps twice a year I get down to around 1 week of booked work and I get just a little jittery, not too much, just a little, but enough to make me start thinking about popping an ad in the local paper (if that is still a thing). Then, within a day or 2, or […]
  • Hi, Just lost out on a fairly large EICR, over a thousand circuits. Contractor 1s price was 44,000 My firms price came in at 37,000 – this was priced on a per circuit basis plus digs ect… Another came in at 15,000! Obviously the client went for the cheapest. Interested to know if anyone else […]
  • Hi I'm a fully qualified gold card electrician thinking of starting my own business. Just wondering do I need 2391 to sign off my own work/ carry out eicrs.
  • Main switch room as ingress of dust , the switch room also has many openings to allow the ingress of dust. A recent EICR as coded the Distribution equipment in the room C2 not fit for external influences . One side of the room as an 800A BS 5709 isolator supplying a busbar with 10 […]
  • Hi, I’m just looking for some advice on what can be done. I wouldn’t be touching any of it myself! We are trying to be unlooped and have a fuse upgrade as we have two electric car chargers but northern power grid is now unwilling to do the work due to our meter box being […]
  • Hi all, I work in a nutritional powder factory and we have an automated bag filling machine that takes the bag from a stack moves it down a conveyor where it is then picked up and placed in two grippers that open the bag ready for the powder to be dispatched into it. My question […]
  • Hi there, Can anyone recommend a simple, intuative software or system for tracking jobs and issuing job sheets for 3No. electricians? I currently use Google workspace for scheduling/calenders but this doesn't provide any means to database and track our jobs or issue forms (job sheets) for our engineers. I've tried the free trial on Tradify… […]
  • I have a business owner claiming his pc monitors keep flickering and its a non consistent supply of electrix. He doewnt say he trips thr rcd but says this is dangerous as his servers are very important. He uses protection and regulation devices on his equipment. Once I test at the board and at all […]
  • This is in a flat, the plasterboard at the back is the bathroom wall surface. Is it appropriate to protect the incoming and tails with a steal plate fitted behind the DNO board? Worry about penetration form the bathroom but also Eddy currents and heating of a steal plate. Obviously the CUs will be changed.
  • Hi all, as I said before I came back to the trade last year. I've been on a couple of jobs recently where the no longer used, cancelled, "cut off" Economy 7 supply was not exactly dead, in both cases testing just over 12V across the tails. Has anyone else noticed this?
  • I've noticed the younger ones are changing the terminology of things throughout the building trade, I just wondered if the same thing is happening throughout the electrical world?
  • I bought some outdoor festoon lighting a few years ago and the 2 pin connectors (male and female) have corroded so I’m going to splice the connectors together using heat shrink butt connectors. Each run is 5m with a male and female 2 pin connector at each end. My first thought was that this would […]
  • Hi all, I’ve taken down old mirror light from bathroom and replacing with new, problem is new one has plug on it!! Can I cut plug and just wire up?? Original cable is a 1.5 going to fused spur (with 3amp fuse inside) then to lighting circuit on a rcbo board New mirror is Costway […]
  • Hi Ive been tasked with replacing a mains switch, which is fed from the cutout and in turn supplies a domestic DB. It’s a BS88 switch fuse which I’ll swap like for like, but the existing DB, which is plastic will remain untouched. There will be henley blocks installed between the switch fuse and DB […]
  • Hi everyone I wondered if you can use a meter in the garage to monitor how much electricity is being used? (The garage has SWA and a CU with RCBO’s and SPD fitted) If so would you place it before the CU or after? Any recommendations on what/which to buy please? Cheers (I’m converting my […]
  • Hello, I am renovating my kitchen and looking for advice on best placement of the meter and consumer unit. I am primarily concerned with: Building regs Electrical regs Fire safety It's just a simple dwelling, not HMO or anything. Currently, the meter and consumer unit is inside of a brick "pantry" section at the corner […]
  • Hi All, I'm looking to pick the brains of experienced engineers who have dealt with TT more than I have please. We have an installation on a site which may or may not be unique. There are four 12m x 12m units inline with each other, all connected as one building, with the plan to […]
  • Hi Guys, Does anyone know if there is a difference between the MEM Eaton MR30 and the H30 to convert MCB's to RCBO's? Cheers in advance.
  • Hi Everyone Looking for some advice/help with contacts. I have been a fully qualified electrician for two years and I am currently working in the healthcare sector. I have previous industrial/commercial experience as this is what I done during my apprenticeship. I am now looking at possibly doing a working holiday/year or two in Australia… […]
  • Hi All, I have these old light switches. I understand this yellow / blue is the old pre 1980 colour scheme. Is it correct that: 1. YELLOW with a red sleeve is LIVE 2. BLUE with a red sleeve is NEUTRAL ? Thanks

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