Welcome to Electricians Forums, again? But this time the .co.uk, again?

Okay, so we’ve had some confusing changes over the years. Usually just smilies on the forum changing. Or the automatic post merging system that wound up a few dozen big burly blokes and some even burlier women also.

Our domain used to sit on this .co.uk here that this blog is being posted on. But we switched it around a year ago to our .net domain name that we hadn’t ever used for anything.

That domain name change was to help us catch more members from over the pond. And of course the ones (literally) the other side of the World from us here in the UK – The Aussies!

It’s slowly working I think. Our traffic is now only around 80% UK. The rest from all over the world.

That’s over 1 million sessions from the UK, and many many more from all the other countries combined. With around 83,000 from the USA in the same period.

I would have thought Ireland would have been second to the UK with it being so close!

Anyway, I’ll report back with some more information once I’ve knocked up the other couple of .uk forum domains with similar basic content on, at least for the time being.